How I Work

In my work I use a variety of approaches, depending on the needs and preferences of my clients. I have trained extensively in addiction treatment, Jungian and other transpersonal psychologies, cognitive behavioral therapy and somatic therapies.   I specialize in Internal Family Systems, a relatively new and highly effective approach to healing that is changing the way psychotherapists work with and view their clients’ problems.  In short, IFS seeks to help clients find compassion and curiosity for the parts of themselves that create suffering and havoc in their lives.  Fundamental to this modality is the belief that, even those parts of us that cause us or others pain, developed originally for a good reason, and primarily in an effort to protect us.  That said, I tailor my work to fit the needs of my clients, and the pace and depth of our work is up to you.

I specialize in treating addictions (including food and substances, sex/porn, shopping/hoarding, and rage), anxiety and depression, recovery from sexual abuse and other trauma and attachment disruptions, grief and loss, and relationship issues.

I am privileged to support a wide variety of people with myriad issues. Currently, I work primarily with individuals, couples and families.  I am also a co-parent counselor, and provide reunification therapy for children and parents.